Friday, April 24, 2009

Matcha Pinnacle from Teaopia

This is pretty much just a picture post, really :)

Just took a whole bunch of pictures. Hands were a little shaky, but it will have to do. 
Chasen, preheating chawan, chashaku, and chasen holder (kusenaoshi) from Teaopia

Unsifted matcha in tin. Clumping caused by static electricity and an indication of good, finely grounded matcha.

Sifted matcha in preheated and dried bowl.

After whisking, froth is very thick in this usucha... I have yet to master the skill of making the froth finer with no big bubbles.

After a few sips, the froth shifts to the side in a pretty crescent shape, letting you see the beautiful green colour. This is why they call the froth of the liquid jade .... so beautiful and so yummy~

Matcha: 2 Chashaku
Water: 2 oz (60ml)
Water Temperature: 65 degrees Celcius

Awaiting more matcha/shincha/gyokuro/others soon~

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  1. Most likely you're not whisking fast enough, in the M or W shape, and up near the top of the water...Go hard out! Your picture is what mine used to look like. Also maybe you aren't using quite enough matcha for the volume of water. 'Pinnacle' is great.